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Sunday, March 21, 2010


A small flame burned deep within
Sheltered from the outside world
By hundreds of soft petals.

She breathed small amounts of hope
That kept this flame
Alive for so long.

Trembling inside, this flower
was going to bloom or wilt today.
And she did not know her fate.

Each tick of the clock
Caused her breathing to get heavier
Uneasy inside, as a smile unconsciously was formed on her face.

-Liliya Mazur

Photograph by Magda Indigo

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Imogen Dock

She climbed on the mossy rocks
As the waves wildly beat the coastline.
Her fingers dug into the muddy green
As his face disappeared beyond the murky sea.

She was his muse.
Light rosette curls
That danced in the swirling wind.
Her eyes the color of the raging sea.

He was a simple Sheppard
That cared for his fathers flock.
Wild sheep with curled wool
Just like Imogen Dock's

She sat on the cliff
And was swept out to sea
Like a soft drifting flower
Beat by the white raging waves.

The young lad jumped
And reached for her hand.
But he failed you see? Because
The dancing cookie already saved her.


-Liliya Mazur

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