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Monday, February 14, 2011

How to treat a Lady

There is no mathematical formula
To make a girl smile,
Unless she likes math that is
Then you plus her would make her smile.


Just some advice
From a girl.
Take everything with a grain of salt
Don’t attach yourself to anything
But especially boys.
It’s exhausting,
To entertain the thoughts of
Entertaining boys.
Just sit there like a flower
And bloom
Don’t drown yourself in worries.
Because after all,
It’s not worth it.
You gotta rise above it and
Like a Water lily.
You got it…
Just sit pretty and wait.
Wait for your prince
Even if others say “he won’t come”
He will, and he has a white horse too.
A man worthy of caring for the most precious flower,
You, and your pure white soul.
His integrity and strength will fight battles for him.
And his actions will take place of his words
He will have a vision and you will be in it.
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