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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crumbling Sand

My feet stood solid
In the crumbling sand.
Beneath me crashed waves
As he floated from land.

I stood motionless
With tears on my shoulders.
But my heart had followed
And left a grey boulder.

But I made no sound
In the silent night.
As I stared,
He sailed from sight.
"Solitude" Photograph by Matre

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Boy

"Honey don't go there"
But the boy tipped along.
Muffling a whisper
"I'll show her, she's wrong."

He was young.
Not even seven.
The river took him
And swept him to heaven.
Photograph by Jonas Fornerod

Rain in Bloom

Million kisses waited
In the heavens,
They rained down today.

I ran and struggled
To cover my face as
I swam, they encircled
And drowned me in.

Now, I stand as the
Heavens beat their
Melodies on my
Cool damp skin

As I sing the tune,
The drops bloom upon my skin
And the petals slowly
But eventually spin to the floor.

As they melt,
I stand in a puddle.
My temporary garden,
It shall come again.

Only when it stops
Raining do I realize
I am soaking wet,
Shivering from the beauty of it all.

Photograph by Publik Oberberg

Photograph by Publik Oberberg

Harvest Moon

There is a girl.
She has no name.
Whose song is sweet.
She has no blame.

She sings the song,
And out it goes.
And as it fly’s
To where? Who knows?

A mocking bird’s reply
Repeats the words that she has said
With no emotion
As if were dead.

She sings again
Into the wind.
An echo’s sound
The words come ‘round.

They sing this time
A breath a word.
A melody,
A stomping herd.

The bird is gone
And sings her song.
And out it goes
To where? Who knows?

She stands alone
And sings her song.
Longing for the
One who’s gone.

The bird returns
And sings a tune.
Of shooting stars
And bright blue moon.

She listens with
Attentive ear.
This song is sweet
The tune is dear.

Ah, now she knows.
He sang to her
This song she’s heard.
Together they were.

Morning flowers,
Rolling hills,
They skipped along
They had their will.

They were young
And both were sweet
Said farewell
Until they’d meet.

Their paths parted.
And years rolled by.
She stood there waiting.
Tears in her eye.

He never came.
Would he stand true?
“I’ll come back for you.”

It couldn't be.
It was a lie.
It wasn’t him.
And if, then why?

The bird’s reply
A calming tune
He sang the song
Of bright blue moon.

She sang her song
And sang they both
A stringed duet
Childhood oath.

The bird flew far
And run she did
And as she fell
Its path was hid.

He came to her
And took her hand
Sang a song
From a far-off land.

She sang along
A stringed duet
A memory
Of how they’d met.

She was a girl.
She had no name.
Her song was sweet.
She had no blame.

Shooting stars
Up above and
Bright blue moon.
She felt unloved.

She sang her lonely song.
He came to her
And held her hand.
His love, the cure.

Photograph by Betsy
Photograph by Ben

Photographs by Betsy


As she strolls by,
The sunflowers lift
To look in her eyes

And her wonderful smile.
Now, it beams
With no innocence lost.

Her eyes full of flame.
Not a care in the world.
What’s a pure heart to blame?

But you’re wrong.
Through these difficult times.
Her eyes have seen tears

They held a burden of
Walking through mines.
She’s been weeping for years.

Through the tears in her eyes
And as the sun rise’
There’s a streak through the heavy gray clouds.

And as they part,
Her life will start
And hope will rise again.

The sunshine will
Warm her pale white skin
To a glistening glow.

And as she strolls,
The Son will follow
Wherever she goes.

-Liliya Mazur

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dreaming Softly

In bed I lie and
Think of what to dream tonight
Sleep tugs my eyes. I

Drift slowly.
Tantalizing dreams
I'm flying.

Photograph by Kaitlin of Urple

Piper the Cat

At my feet she lays
Curled as she breathes heavily.
She is just a big

Ball of fur.
Not such a beauty
But she's mine

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sam the Mouse

Sunshine frames your face
As you run, a
Mouse in your own maze.

Soft golden curls
Align at your chin
Mingling with your grin…

The grin you have on your face right now.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


It is the past.
Sweet, bitter memories.
A thirst to know what went wrong
But still, the time is gone.

Not to say I would change a thing.
Love was there and I agree
What could been, or might have,
Never a mystery.

- Liliya Mazur

Photograph by Glass_orthodoxy

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Curiosity and my eyes shine wet,
a smile on my lips as i look closely.
Uncomfortable and safe
in a strange, scary, beautiful place.
Not quite sure what I am,
or where my place is in the cosmos.
Not quite sure what's next.

A pure heart walks with clean little feet
Down the path covered in lies and deceit.
-Sam Ross and Liliya
Photograph by ~smile-d on deviantART
Photograph by Chris Pearson

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lace-Covered Love

He sat at her side.
And tugged at her skirt.
The waves in her ruffles
He swam in his hurt.

A kiss upon his forehead
Like dew drops on a rose.
The warmth she offered
He did not oppose.

Clothed in
Lace-covered love
She stroked his wet face.
He, a scared little dove.

With callused hands,
A mother's touch,
She calmed his pain.
It took not much.

Photograph by Etsy

Tuesday, October 6, 2009



She twirls bright.

Balancing her giggles among the

Day's worries and strife's. She tips along candy-eyed as she dances.

Photograph by Yana Yaroshevich
Photograph by Yana Yaroshevich

Crowded Room



Covers her face with an unending

Love as she peers at him across the crowded room which seems
so small.

Lone Tree

A tree stands in the middle of a wilderness
Alone, its roots are deep
Shaking in the deep cold
Crackling as the winds blow.

Sheltered it is not
Even among the deep thorns
It fights to bloom
But it cannot.

Winter covers it with pure snow
And it snaps.
The limps fall
Under the weight of the world.

The tree stands firm
Alone, its roots are deep
Shaking in the deep cold
Crackling as the winds blow

White winter thaws
Then, the waters flow
And the sunshine bakes its green mossy skin
Into a rich golden brown.

The mocking bird sings of
Spring time and wet land.
As the blossoms emerge
From earth, springs life.

The tree stands firm
As it buds, it sings
Of sweet cherry blossoms
Like a million kisses on it's crackled brown skin.

As they emerge,
The fragrance is sent
Over rooming hills
Where young children play in the spring.

The tree stands
As the children dance 'round
Hugging the branches
That once hung heavy with burden.

Green leaves, little fingers
Emerge that tell the story
Of the lone tree that stood
A century strong.

It waved as generations passed.
Marking their memories on
The lone tree that blossoms
Where children's laughter is heard.

A tree stands in the middle of a wilderness,
Its roots deep. And it withstands the deep cold
Smiling as the winds blow, layering
Sweet laughter upon it's crackled brown skin.

Photo by Manyfires
Photo by Seerich

Monday, October 5, 2009

Actor II

Continuation of "The Actor"

Even if the curtains fall
Don't cease to sing your song.
One of these days he'll realize
You were there, all along.

That doesn't mean you're second best
That means that you were true
And he was being ignorant
And soon he'll see true love is you.

The Actor

A heart that beats,
My heart beats,
For the actor of the show.

But his eyes wander
Into the distance
Searching for what I do not know.

I sing my song.
He hears the tune
But his gaze is not on me.

His gaze has shifted
Into the distance
Where I cannot be.

There, flaps its wings
A bird
The color of the stars.

It sings its song,
But not to him.
The actor of the show.

He sings to it,
There's no reply.
And off away it goes.

The actor cries,
In sorrow sighs,
But I knew it all along.

This bird cannot be cadged
It must fly free
And when it's trapped, it dies.

The curtains fall.
The actor cries.
But I sing my tune to him.

He hears my song
And sings along
A beautiful melody.

The curtains rise.
He plays his part
And happy together we shall be.

Quiet Fellow

He was a quiet fellow,
Nice and Pleasant
Very mellow.

He strolled along.
She thought she knew him
But she was wrong.

His laugh pure innocence,
His humility sweet,
This man a rare find to meet.

In his child-like ways
She found a man
With whom to spend most of her days.

-Liliya Mazur
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