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Monday, October 7, 2013


Dedicated to the love of my life: Vlad.

A reflection of the water
mirrors the person gazing in.
I sat there on the shoreline,
your love beckoning me to swim.

The sun was glowing warmly.
This was the time you let me in.
I entered to my ankles.
Where I stood, I've never been.

The soft waves coaxed me lightly.
There was silence and your smile.
I looked down gleaming shyly,
in your love I sank a mile.

You helped me to the shoreline
as you took a step away.
I went a little deeper,
the tide causing me to sway.

There were no words between us
as we walked a stride apart.
A touch was never needed
when you held me with your heart.

That day I shared my secret,
as you sat there by my side.
The love that I was keeping
was for you, our souls were tied.

A reflection on the water
mirrors the person gazing in.
Your eyes, the deepest ocean.
Now I swim,
                  i swim,
                          i swim.

Photography source

Friday, April 15, 2011

Delicate Touch

She held her hands
Like small cups,
To scoop up happiness.

And he took her hand
Like he would a feather,
Delicate to the touch.

She held his gaze.
Even with eyes closed,
She saw his face.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Empty Rooms with Windows

Bliss in your presence
And tears in your void.
Sadness always shadows.
'Tis something I try to avoid.

Don't twinkle your eyes dear.
I won't enter rooms of your heart.
I'll look through glassless windows
And this game I will not take part.

Because the key you hold
Is to empty rooms and windows.
I will not set foot on the stage
With an actor of many shows.

Photograph by Gary Crutchley

Old Scars

You tear scabs off old scars
That once sealed my, now, open heart.
Like stone slabs on mouse holes.
Smile, and slowly take them apart.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Like Silver

You wrap me in soft cloth.
And polish me like silver.
I beam when you hold me.
And every breath, thus, molds me.
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