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Monday, October 7, 2013


Dedicated to the love of my life: Vlad.

A reflection of the water
mirrors the person gazing in.
I sat there on the shoreline,
your love beckoning me to swim.

The sun was glowing warmly.
This was the time you let me in.
I entered to my ankles.
Where I stood, I've never been.

The soft waves coaxed me lightly.
There was silence and your smile.
I looked down gleaming shyly,
in your love I sank a mile.

You helped me to the shoreline
as you took a step away.
I went a little deeper,
the tide causing me to sway.

There were no words between us
as we walked a stride apart.
A touch was never needed
when you held me with your heart.

That day I shared my secret,
as you sat there by my side.
The love that I was keeping
was for you, our souls were tied.

A reflection on the water
mirrors the person gazing in.
Your eyes, the deepest ocean.
Now I swim,
                  i swim,
                          i swim.

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